Please read this re Position Update

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Wed 15 Nov 2006 12:45
The system ties the position entries together with diary entries and creates an attractive map with a kind of "bread crumb" trail showing where I was when I posted each entry!

You will find the map to be extremely powerful - it's worth spending some time educating your readers on how to use it because it really doesn't behave like a normal web page at all.  For example, you can "grab" the map with the mouse and drag it around to scroll around!  If you double click on the map then it zooms in on the spot you click on (also use the zoom control on the left of the map).  Clicking on any of the track points on the map brings up some info.
In case anyone is still missing the point here.  The level of detail in either the web view or the Google Earth view is generally so detailed that assuming you enter the position data accurately enough we should be able to zoom in and see not just which pontoon you are parked at, but which berth you are in!