11:05.038N 63:58.474W Juangreigo, Margarita

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Wed 24 Sep 2008 22:34

11:05.038N 63:58.474W Juangreigo, Margarita


Val came and checked my shrouds and we took ½ turn off the new terminal.

While we were away at dominoes Lloyd spotted a guy from a pirogue boarding the boat at the back of the pack.  Another boat sounded a horn and the man got off.  We are constantly watched to see what can be taken from us, which is a shame and continues to give Margarita a bad reputation.



I went to Sigo, I was only going to get some fresh eggs – they were out of eggs.

I filled up the water tank with bottles from the shore.  We went to get some more money changed, but they did not have enough, luckily I did not need any.  We had taken two small cans to fill at the petrol station.  6 gallons of petrol came to 1.5B (30p).  There were two men, one serving and the other one was a hustler.  They asked for 25B, confused, I handed it over.  I was given back 10 and then given 5 and the 10 taken away.  Val and Jimmy were there, but it all happened so fast.  We got a taxi and got out of there.  OK, I had been taken, but it was 4.00 for 6 gallons of petrol and excessive here, but I am used to paying so much more.



We are going to Coche tomorrow, so I got ready to sail.  Late afternoon I was taken over to Bluewater Cat for the new itinerary.  We were now going to Juangriego in the morning, good job I had not set off a day early.  It is all to do with wind and tide and the constant queries over national check in and out.



I took the anchor up just after 5.30 and set off.  There was no wind most of the morning, sometimes I got the sails out, but I still motored.  I arrived just before noon.

Shirley and Taffy,The Road, got here about an hour and a half after me, they have visitors staying with them.

Puddle Jumper and Bluewater Cat left at 10 and arrived just before and just after 3pm.