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If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sat 23 Dec 2006 12:28

Day 19 – Friday 22 December 2006


Yesterday afternoon all I did was drag the 9 litres of water in a bucket up the sidedeck to the anchor locker and add the water to the tank, I did clear the dead fish on the way up and back.  Other than cook and eat I rested in the cockpit and listened to music and just stayed on course.  The wind was in the 10-15 range for the rest of the day and through the night.


I did try and find the 12v pump, to put in the transom, but I gave up easily as I know the lead will not be long enough. I am not in the mood for electrics and the electrical toolbox is at the bottom of the cockpit locker.  I don t know why, probably because it would not fit anywhere else and it was the toolbox I would not need. 


Because I had rested I did not need to put the engine on until 6:45 this morning when the lights were getting a little dim and it is not light here until nearer 10, at which time I put the genoa back out.  We had engine on full, full genoa, 15-20 knots of wind and a big following sea, the speed went up to 8 knots.  I could only bear it for so long, it was very uncomfortable, all my fillings would have fallen out and I was trying to cook at the time.  I turned the engine off at 11:30 and am sailing for now.


Yesterday I had thought I might get in late Xmas eve, but it might be too late.  However I managed 125 miles.  Today I have 120 miles to go and I hope to get in in the morning.  I have the 4 hours extra that I have not yet taken advantage of, so as long as I can keep my speed up I should be ok.  I have to get into Port St Charles, clear customs and immigration, I will then probably have to go 10 miles down the coast to anchor.  Port St Charles is a smart marina which is nicer to get into than Bridgetown.  They have 6 visitors spaces, but these are probably full and they are for 35m yachts anyway.  I will probably be the last yacht to arrive before Xmas, I just hope there is somewhere reasonable to anchor.  I am warned there can be a lot of swell in Carlisle Bay, no change there then.