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If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Fri 13 Apr 2012 00:57
We went into Livingstone and after a quick walk round and a stop at the ATM for some Qs we went to Raul for our paperwork.
Some of the boats were stopping overnight at Texan Bay, about 9 miles up the river through the jungle.
I was in a very protected anchorage in about 6’ of water and we had a gathering in the bar.
Tuesday – across the Gulfito, which is about 10 miles long and half as wide, but rarely more than 15’ deep.
I was going to haul out, but ended up stopping at Catamaran Marina where they had a space for a week.
I seriously needed to stop and couldn’t face checking out all the different places yet.
There was no long term space, but mine is only a small boat and Pelican and Passat II are on opposite docks and there is a space in between. 
It has been agreed that I can med moor, 2 anchors out and stern to the dock, between them.  I will stay here for 3 months and then see, but there shouldn’t be any bad weather before then.  I spent a couple of hours at the pool which is shallow and great.
Wednesday – I took down the sails and the ropes, topped up the batteries and pickled the watermaker, with the pool as a reward afterwards.
Thursday – I cleaned the bilges and tested the automatic bilge pump. 
Then I went over to Ram Marina to meet with Raul for my year extension for the boat as the 3 months I got on Monday may run out before I return.  April 1 they changed the rules and it is now better to pay the extension fee, previously it used to be cheaper to pay the penalty fine. 
In the afternoon I cut the inspection hatch, which was virtually unable to be opened and damaged in the process of trying, out of the water tank, emptied the tank and was able to clean it out.  Then I fitted a new slightly bigger hatch.  It wasn’t simple, but the result is very good and I made it to the pool by 5, for a quick dip as it was a bit cool for me without the sunshine.  Then back to the boat to fill up the tank with potable water and then put it all back together so that I can have my bed back together.