16:15.260N 88:35.336W

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Tue 8 Jan 2013 23:51

Tuesday 8

Left the anchorage at 0615. Motored to the end of the point, I should have sailed, but I was still sorting myself out.

Once across the shipping channel and into open water the wind was on the nose and got stronger and stronger.

There were several squalls, up to 30 knots and consistent winds in the 20s.

I had problems with the main and it was too windy to go up and jump on the boom, but by the time I had sorted the sail it was too windy to try to sail.  Feeble, but there were rocks to the left and I would have had to go so far off course to tack out.

I did not like this for day 1 after so long in the river and so I motored, very slowly into wind and a big swell/

I anchored at 1700 in New Haven, a lovely sheltered anchorage.  Homers’ Odyssey are next to me and they paid my fee because the boat came up while I was trying to anchor.  However much it cost was worth it to be stopped and calm.