18:27.594N 64:31.816W Marina Cay BVI

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sat 9 Feb 2008 21:29

Week ending 10 February 2008


Went off early in Bluewater Cat to get a mooring buoy by Pelican Island, to snorkel the Indians.  These are rocks sticking straight up out of the water.  There were not as many fish as yesterday, but the coral and plants were more plentiful and very attractive.  We then went to the shore where I had to pay $6 for 30 minutes wifi.   Michelle and Dave, Alhambra, came over to say hello, they are off to the USVIs tomorrow.  We went back to the shore to watch the troop of pelicans that live in the trees here, they have one tree each.  They are very comical to watch as they throw themselves off the dock to catch a fish. 


We are going to North Sound. Virgin Gorda, which is 20 miles upwind back to where we started and another 10 miles on top of that.  Bluewater Cat seemed to do ok, but I could not get anywhere very fast. I started out soon after 7, tacked a dozen times and at 3pm went back into Spanish Town for the night.   Two boats got into difficulties today and I was following the conversations with the coastguard on the radio.  One had engine problems, but the other  hit the reef and was towed in and hauled out.  I was not going into unknown territory until the morning. 18 27 292N 064 26 539W.


There was a lot of water in the engine bilge which I cleaned up and put some grease in the prop shaft seal and hope it will be ok.  I left Spanish Town for North Sound and again it was strong wind on the nose and it was slow going and took me 3 hours to get up there and through the reef, but I was being very careful.  It is quite scary to see this many rocks on the chart; any exam you can pass with a reasonable percentage correct,  but with reefs you have to miss them all. 

I anchored at Leverit Bay 18 30 022N 064 23 386W.  I am not going to put all the anchorages on the Google Earth.


Today it was off to Anagada, an island nearly 20 miles North of Virgin Gorda and Tortola.  The wind was 20 knots and an ok direction to get up there.  There is only one reasonable anchorage and that you have to follow the guide and the buoys when you get there.  It is always a bit nervewracking, but strange how you soon get used to motoring around in under 2 metres of water.  I anchored and still put out 30 metres of chain, that is a 15:1 ratio and we are protected by the reef.

The island is 40 miles long and nearly deserted, with a population of 160, mostly  down at The Settlement, miles away from the anchorage.  The water is beautiful and I was quite prepared to go in, so I got my swim noodle and then decided a mask and snorkel would be good and maybe fins.  I put one foot in the water and went back for my wetsuit.  The water was cloudy, fine sand whipped up in the wind and nothing could be seen.   I was going to check for barnacles on the rudder, but as I could not see I swam over to Bluewater Cat and that was it.

The pilot book says that Anegada is off limits to many bareboat charter boats because of the dangers and over 300 boats have been lost to the reefs here since they started to keep count.  Luckily I did not read that before I got here.  .

We went for a walk round the few shops and restaurants round the anchorage.  The BVIs are very expensive and because of this I do not buy anything, so they are actually a money saver.   The mooring buoys are $25 or more a night, so that improves your anchoring technique too.  Then we went for a walk on the beach, a long walk.


I am making water every day to fill the tank up because the motoring in and out of anchorages is enough to top up the batteries.

I miss the wind generator, but it saves me having to change the head every time I anchor; I am just leaving the water head on for when sailing. 

Sailed from Anegada to Marina Cay, little island surrounded by a big reef.   Went snorkelling on the shore, not the reef, I saw a Sourthern Ray, you can tell by the accent.  There is a Pussers store, bar and restaurant, expensive and unfriendly staff – service with a surl. 


Went off in Bluewater Cat to use the last day of the Marine Reserve mooring permit.   We snorkelled one of the Dog Island.  I saw a spotted moray eel  and then off to The Baths again.  There is not much here, but the water is crystal clear to the sand and the sunlight shines through, very picture book stuff.  I swam through the rocks into more pools, some gaps were a tight squeeze, but if Jimmy could get through then I could.

We went to look at Trellis Bay anchorage, because Jimmy needs to collect something from the airport on Monday and it was nearer.   It was crowded and mostly taken up with moorings, very little room to anchor and we did not feel comfortable so back to Marina Cay.  Jimmy is further in this time where it is less rolly and I think they get a better wifi signal than I have got.  I will send this as soon as I get connected.  18:27.594N 64:31.816W