15:53.150N 40:32.548W

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Wed 13 Dec 2006 12:00
Day 9 Tuesday 12 December 2006
Red sky in the morning, what s the next bit,
Never mind, one hour later the squall it hit.
Ernie the engine, please be a dear
And Nemo, now it is your turn to steer.
Horatio locked off and Genny is furled,
Skipper indoors with hot coffee is curled.
Herb said light conditions until Saturday,
But watch out for those squalls, I did hear him say.
The batteries are topped up with the quick surge of power
And a tank of hot water, just right for a shower.
One hour later the squall has gone away
And with it the wind, is that all for today?
Do I sit here not even averaging 1 knot,
Or do I use up some more of that diesel I ve got? 
The laws of physics are true always,
No exception is Pat s Law that says  -
Deteriorating conditions are equally opposite to the increasing consumption of chocolate!
It was a 12 piece squall.

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