Isla Mujeres - heading for Cuba

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Mon 4 Feb 2013 17:52

Wednesday 30

Met up with Terri and David at the pool, Pam and Tim had come over for snorkeling practice.  I thought it was a bit cold, but after a hot shower we went to lunch and the rest of the day disappeared.  A Norther is due to start tonight and so I shortened the bow ropes and pulled away from the dock to stop it damaging the boat.  I have fixed up a plank on the dock, a bit scary, but it works if I am careful.  I would hate to fall in, but I am only in 5’ of clear water, so it wouldn’t be that bad – except with the computer or phone.


Thursday 31

The weather was not great, but has turned NE and I am reasonably protected from that wind angle.

We caught the 9.30 car ferry to Cancun and then a collectivo to the Port Captain, we picked up Dana and Karen on the way, but the driver did not stop and we had a long walk back.  The boat importation was very intense, but smoothly done.  If you don’t get it right you have to go back, sometimes more than once, but Chepo had given me a pack of everything I needed.  The cost was $50 for 10 years.  We took another collective into town and spent a long time walking and asking directions and eventually found the right shop for David.  We were hungry and just a little way along was McD, so that was lunch.  After lunch we set out for the marine store.  Walking and asking directions.  On the way we found a small computer shop with what the 2 mega stores did not have; the bicycle shop for a spare tyre.  It was getting late and we walked to catch a bus and then a collectivo and finally the ferry.  We caught the fast ferry back, because we missed the car ferry.  We had walked a lot and there was a bus outside the ferry dock when we returned to the island which we were very grateful for.


February 2013

Friday 1

The weather is still not great, but the weather system could have been a lot worse.  I got the hosepipe out and mended the end and was then able to do a lot of the washing.   It is not raining, but it is windy, so a great drying day.  There is a room with sofas next to the office with wifi and I caught up on some emails.

I made some cookies and tried a Yorkshire pudding with maize flour, I will probably not try that again.

After lunch I tackled the shaft seal, which had been leaking one drop every 6 seconds and although not serious was not good.  I cut up a hose clip so that I could add a spacer under the clamp, but first I tried undoing the clamp, reseating it and doing it up again without a spacer.  During the process quite a lot of water came in, but the important thing is not to panic - and if you need to panic make sure there is someone handy to shout to for help.  I cleaned up all the water and waited for the drip to start.  No drips so far, which is very satisfying.

I went to the office to pay, I had decided on one month, which is cheaper than paying weekly, but expensive compared to the Rio.  My credit card was refused, my debit card was refused.  I phoned the bank and the problem was not at their end.  Chepo took me to the bank, the same as my cards.  The debit card card worked in the ATM, and the credit card had worked at the Importation office, so why not on the marina and supermarket machines, no reason was forthcoming.  I had to get maximum cash from the ATM and will have to get the balance tomorrow.

Fabio came with us in the golf cart as he had a parcel to post to UK.  He was told that they have to see the contents before the parcel is sealed.  It is a storage box and he spent a long time covering it in parcel tape.  He has left it at the post office and will go back tomorrow and cut it open, show them and then seal it again.  Annoying, but at least there is a postal system here, which has not been available in most of Central America.

Time for a hot shower to warm up before settling down with a book.

Saturday 2

The shaft seal is not leaking.  Now the focus is off that I can see that I have a small oil leak, really small, still with me after over 2 years of fixings.

Checking the weather to see if I can just pop to Cuba.

Sunday 3

We were going to the Fleamarket in Cancun, but it is wet and a very windy day.

Monday 4

This morning the weather is better and looking good, so I have decided to try for Cuba.

Went and checked out, double rate as it is Constitution Day.

Should be leaving early afternoon.  Bit of a rush, but I need to go while I have the nerve.