Week ending 14 September 2008

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sun 14 Sep 2008 10:50

Week ending 14 September 2008

Sunday 7

I only managed one side of the hull, but I did scrub it and then polish it; that was hard work enough.  The water was not clear enough to see the anchor, but it felt as though it was holding ok.

I went in to dominoes before the rain and therefore missed the announcement that it was postponed for half an hour.  I got some more water bottles filled, but the tank was full.  I thought 1B (20p) for 35 litres of water was good value, until I heard from a boat that had just got 20 litres of diesel for 1B in Cumana on the mainland.


Monday 8

It was rolly today, thanks to Ike.  I am happy the anchor is holding, but I am closer than I like to another boat at one point of the wind and would like to move. 

I started taking the antibiotics for the everlasting mouth ulcer and am determined to get rid of it.  My dentist still would like me to go the the dentist hospital in Cuba, I must give him a geography lesson next time I am in his chair, also Cuba are about to be battered by a hurricane.

I did not feel inclined to leave the boat and so did small bits of sewing that needed doing, nothing that required concentration as it was too rolly.

As it was going to be overcast I untied the wind generator, but it would not work.  I was going to take the head off and check, but as soon as I removed the pin it started to work, even in the down position.  I realized that the tower was not straight and if I corrected this then it would work.  The tower has to be straight for the wind head, but move up and down and side to side for the water head.  The yoke is not holding properly.  I have e-mailed the manufacturers, who are always really useful.  I may try adjusting this, but will wait until I am in a marina as the alternator is very heavy and only held on by the cable once off the yoke.

I was feeling quite depressed by the afternoon, and Dick and Jane came over and helped me move.  Dick said I had plenty of room, but it did not feel like it to me or Jane, it is that spacial awareness thing again that we females do not have.  I still wanted to move and now I am happy in a nice space, less rolly and nearer the dock.  I just wondered why no other boat wanted this space.

Dick remembered that I still had a problem with the main.  Jane was on ropes, I was standing on the boom keeping the sail rolling (and trying to keep my fingers) and Dick was checking the mast and the sail as it came out.  Then I was able to get my hand in the mast and unroll it that way.  I had not got the halyard taught enough when I put the sail in and it would not roll properly.  A combination of that and the rig needs tuning, after the fitting of the new shroud which meant the mast was not straight.

So now I have sails, a good anchored position a wind generator that works and my day has picked up.



Debbie and Bob, Passat, gave me a lift to the dock and we walked to the first chandlery, and then the second and then into town.  We were going to get a taxi back, but had a big ice cream and felt guilty enough to have to walk it off.

There are chairs outside Juan’s office and we all sat around, more people coming and going, happy hour arrived and the price of beer went down.  I did try a very light beer, about 1 teaspoon, it is made from yukka and yuk is right.  I did not have too much trouble finding a volunteer to drink it.

It was nearly dark by the time we got back to the boat.  So it is possible to spend a whole day doing nothing, it is rare, but quite enjoyable and even tiring.



I took the free bus intending to go round to the Rabbit market, but was told it would take longer thatn I had, so I went round the large home store, the other mall and then the mall with the supermarket.  It was quite liberating to spend 3 hours and not need anything that was on sale.  I did buy a few bits in the supermarket just because I was there.  They still did not have 5 litre bottles of water and now were out of paper towels and toilet rolls.

When we got back we kicked around on the shore and then I went back to the boat and read more of my book.  Another tiring, but uneventful day.



I cut my hair with the trimmer, I really must look in the mirror when doing this, I have a nearly bald patch over one ear, but it will grow.  More walking, this time along the beach round the corner to yet another big supermarket.  We were coming back by taxi, so I did buy 2 x 5 litre bottles of water, but again I didn’t really need anything.  It has been quite a few days since I have eaten properly, so I cooked a roast chicken dinner, it was very good, but the heat from the oven was not just what I needed.

Went over to Cheetah II to sit through their dinner, on the understanding that I would partake of the dessert, Jane knows what I am like.  We played Farkle and I lost on the last roll of the last dice.



I changed the dinghy lifting harness, again, and this time it appears to work better than ever and the dinghy comes up straight and level.

I went in the water to check the anchor, which is set beautifully.  While I was in the water I scraped some more of the hull.  I overdid it and was exhausted before 10 and after having a shower I did not move for an hour.

I cut up part of a noodle to put floats on the oars and the boathook to prevent them sinking if I drop them in the water, it is the sort of thing that you always mean to get round to, but you usually don’t remember until it is too late.

The Cruising chute has to go, I advertised it on the net, but is not likely to be wanted.  It is easy to stow as it is in two separate bags, I was going to make the top section fit this boat, but I shall probably cut it up and make wind scoops and vane covers.

I was doing so well I took on the watermaker.  I rewired the switch and it goes, but it trips the breaker, which probably means an air leak somewhere making bubbles.  I could deal with that, or I could take a nap until Happy Hour; well I haven’t been sleeping well at night.  I put the netting up round the awning to give the cockpit some shade.

I went in to the dock for Happy Hour, but did not go out for the meal, I got back just before dark and the dinghy hauled up well, so I may be confident enough to stay out after dark.  Hauling with the motor on is very liberating, rather like graduating from a push bike to a moped.  I think trying to liken it to a motor bike or a car is going too far, the dinghy and the motor are only small.



I don’t feel well, I have a sore throat and a headache.  I spent most of the morning lying in the cockpit feeling sorry for myself.  Living with a 49 x 28’ spinnaker in the cockpit and the saloon is not helping.  I should make it into a smaller spinnaker, but realistically I cannot do it now.  I packed the sail up and did manage to get it in one bag, I will carry it a bit longer, until I need the back cabin for anything other than storage. 

I fixed the wiring on one fan and one light, which had been waiting quite a while.  I was going to solder them, but got away with crimping this time.

Debbie and Bob came by and we went to shore for a few drinks and a chat as they are off round the island tomorrow.  I am sure they won’t get far before we meet again.

I sat down to listen to a book on CD and woke up to the fact that the CD had finished, but I now have to find the point at which I fell asleep.



I was up at 5.30 and have more side effects of a cold.  I will send this while I have the internet.  Sorry if this is all rather boring, but nothing much is happening.