10:57.319N 65:13.687W Tortuga Tuesday 21 October

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Tue 21 Oct 2008 20:31
Monday, 20 October
8am we went to the agent to check out, there were a lot of people leaving
and we would not get our papers until after 5pm, the marina check out time
was 4pm, but I hoped that I could get out today.
There was no fuel to foreign flagged vessels, but we managed to get some
although it was not easy and not that cheap, but I heard that now there
was no diesel in Cumana where it had been cheap and easy to get – which is
probably why they did not have any left.
The marina had some of the biggest iguanas that I have seen so far, I
managed to get a photo of a female, but not the crested male who was 4'
long and splendid.
I got my papers and was able to leave at about 5.30. I had a very small
lizard on the boat and I do not know when or where he jumped off. Jimmy
had one and it jumped off 150 miles later and swam ashore.

10:57.319N 65:13.687W Tortuga Tuesday 21 October
Tuesday 21 October
I arrived at Tortuga in the morning and decided to stay the day and rest,
Living the Dream arrived that afternoon, BWC passed by but carried on
because they go faster.