Jamaica - Friday 1 March - Port Antonio

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sat 2 Mar 2013 19:49

Friday 1

0100am the wind in the right direction, but not strong enough to beat the current against it, so I had to motor.  0630 40 miles to Port Antonio, which meant keeping the speed up to get in before dark.  The weather was expected to turn strong and N and there were no good alternative anchorages on this N coast.  I was doing well until the wind picked up, late teens to mid-twenties, not something to motor into.   I would have to tack away from the coast and although that would have been much faster it is a long way there and back to make the mileage.  The alternator was not charging, but no light came on or alarm sounded.  I did not want to turn the engine off in case it would not start again, so I had to motor. 

Not enough electricity to spare any for the refrigerator, so I cooked 2 fillets and hoped the last 2 would last in the box.  The wind and current were strong and I spent several hours stressing about the situation, but managed to get in and anchor 1845.  Finished the fish, just in time, the fridge smells.  Calm anchorage and a good night’s sleep.