27 -31 August 2012

If Knot Y Knot
Patricia Day
Sat 1 Sep 2012 12:57
August 27-31 2012
I am trying to see if I can write and send this on the phone which seems to be the only thing I have that works.
Monday 27
Engine works but seawater pump has a leak.
The sprayhood is on; waiting for window shades.
Tuesday 28
Took the 12v adapters, up and down, off to see if this helps charging.
Newest sewing machine won't work. I took it apart but nothing obvious,  it might be rusted solid - only one stray part
Wednesday 29
Luis didn't come today, but I waited anyway. VAL has some sewing machine oil which might be all it needs.  Gradually tidying - every little bit thrown or given away helps.
Read a book for the first time since I got back - one of a collection of short stories.
Thursday 30
Getting the ropes ready to put the sails on. Main repaired seam,  taped edge of sacrificial strip and attached new clamcleat that should help with leach line. Lenny helped me take it to a space to fold it back into a bag.  One down one to go. 11 and very hot.
1230 enough of ropes, off to the pool.
2.30 afternoon tea with Lenny; 5.30 pick up launch for trivia night.  
Friday 31
Finally got round to a combination of ropes that have stopped the track in the mast with no sail to cushion it from clanking with every wake. If i had done it earlier my stress levels would have been lower. I just have to hope i have got it right and i don't end up with anything i can't get down.
Then I sorted the dinghy.  Fenders,  drilled the oars back to pivoting, harnessed and took the engine off much easier than the old one which was top heavy. Life is much better when things get done - it is just the getting round to it all and it is really drippy hot here.