Report from Sailor Ted (15:04.00N 55:15.00W)

Wed 9 Dec 2015 12:18
It is Deember now, and I get to open the christmas calendar with the kids every morning. I love to have a bite of chocolathe before breakfast. We celebrated 1. st of December with Norwegian christmas songs accompanied by Frode on accordeon. It vas really fun, and I learnt a lot of new songs.We have also played the Monopoly, but Øyvind and Will played for so long, that I decided to go and make some loombands with Silje and Elise instead. I have been fishing a lot before on the other boats I have been on, but I dont remember if Ihave ever had 3 different fishes. Anyway,I already told you about the wahoo, and  the other day we got a Bonito and the next day a big MahiMahi. It was almost as tall as Silje! We made some lovely fish dinners from it, which was very welcomed, as the fridge has started to smell quite strange........
When we had 1000 miles left to St.Lucia, we had a “1000-miles left”party, and I got a diploma that Øyvind made for me and the rest of the crew in Friskus. By the way, did I tell you that Øyvind helps me write my diary every single night? Im looking foreward to showing it to you, he decribes all the things we do during the day! I have also been seasick sometimes when the waves get too high, and the boat rolls too much, but when I got one of the newly baked buns with cinnamon or raisins, I totally forgot about it.
The kids and I have a dedicated playtime with Will and Emily every day, and our favourite games are Connect 4, Flag Frenzy, Pirate Snap and Snakes and Ladders. The last days it has been so much seaweed in the water, so we have not been able to fish or run the water generator, but if we need power thay just turn on the engine for a while. Last night Silje and Elise took me up in the cockpit, With my lifejacket on, to watch the stars. It was amazing to see al the stars, and thay coule even point out some starsigns to me.
Well thats is for now, See you in St. Lucia in a few days : )
From Sailor Ted