Half Way... only 670Nm to go

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Thu 4 Jun 2009 21:10
We have just made it to the half way mark (670Nm to go) in just under 4 days (3 days 22hours).
So far we have managed to sail most of the way, and the wind has been better than expected.
Trouble is that according to the weather forecast the wind will be okay for about the next 12hours then come round onto the nose and drop to about 5knots for the next 4-5 days...
That means we may have to motor for most of the remainder of the trip, and we don't have enough fuel to do that!!!
So lets hope the weather files are a bit wonky and we will get better winds than they are predicting.
Please keep fingers crossed.... as I think the Australian VMR (volunteer marine rescue) charge a hefty sum for bringing fuel out to those stupid enough to run out!!