Astra Log Day 16 - Lines on the Voyage of Sailing Yacht Astra

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Tue 11 Dec 2007 17:54

Tuesday 11.12.07


Lines on the Voyage of Sailing Yacht Astra


‘Twas on the twenty-fifth of November two thousand and seven

That we cast off from Las Palmas at about eleven.

As we slowly motored towards the starting line,

The weather was already considerably less than fine,

And when the starting gun was heard to fire,

We realized we had committed ourselves to something dire.

As we sailed off south during that night,

The winds became more than inconveniently light.

But gradually we sailed clear of the island’s lee,

And made our way into the open sea.

And now again the thought struck everyone,

That an extremely long voyage had barely begun.

To while away the days while weather was fine,

We keenly cast our brand new fishing line.

No sooner did the lure pass out of sight,

Than we felt the first dorado’s eager bite.

We little thought we could have lost a limb,

When we marked the halfway point with a short swim.

Next day the boat was circled by a shark

Explaining why swimming is not recommended by the ARC.

And when we reeled in two-thirds of an Atlantic Bonito,

All further thoughts of a dip were finito.

We thought that downwind sailing was a thrill electric,

Until a gust destroyed our asymmetric.

But our spinnaker fulfilled our need for speed,

Until a squall did us a dirty deed.

So now our progress became more sedate,

Till once more overtaken by a cruel Fate.

Stormclouds stretched far as eye could see,

And horizontal rain dispelled any remaining feelings of glee.

But at the worst moment of the storm,

A hero appeared in mechanical form:

Some say he has sailed upside down round Cape Horn

All we know is that without our autopilot Alfie we would have been forlorn.

And so as we approach the finish line,

Our thoughts turn to consumption of declarable stocks of spirits and wine.

And as we wait for St. Lucia’s outline to appear,

Our voyage is set to end on a note of seasonal cheer.   



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