Astra - log day 3 (Author 2)

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Tue 27 Nov 2007 15:33



Being slightly lazy at log writing, I have started three days into the trip.


The spinnaker was hoisted at around 8.30am, slightly annoying ash as he was woken up to help with the proceedings. Ash then helmed most of the morning, we’re not sure he trusts anyone else.


Jeremy P, (skipper), had a brief encounter with the helm, he then proceeded to make enquiries about some kind of rum cocktail I had spoken about! (Rum, ginger ale, ice and lime.) We could only find ginger beer which is not the same!! And the cocktail named 10.8 as a speed celebration, was ranked the lowest so far.


It took a couple of days to believe that we are actually sailing across Atlantic. But we are into the swing of things now.


A little bird landed on the deck last night, he seemed weary, after flying for so long he hadn’t had time to relieve himself and did so on JP’s teak.


Sonoma have become something of a rival, after telling J.P he would be seeing their stern, only for a short while. J.P was trying to make light of his competitive streak, however after this encounter, speed was of the essence and the spinnaker was still up around the 30knt mark.


The ice maker has become an essential part of the crossing, providing us with ready made ice at all times! JP is now content after a 10.8 cocktail, reclining with a smile telling us about the tingly feeling in his toes.


The men have embarked on their beard growing, more stubble = more manly.


The crew is now content RUM = HAPPINESS


Nicky Rudd