Astra log day 15 - Right of reply from Rock Oyster

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Mon 10 Dec 2007 18:29
Dear Readers
Just to ensure that we have a balanced editorial policy we gave, Rock Oyster, ( yacht closely following us towards the finish line, for some odd reason? maybe something to do with Nicky sunning herself on the poop deck? ) the opportunity to respond to our blog for Day 15. Here is their reply....;
23, never overstep the mark on the first date

24,always have an ode up your sleeve.

25.  .  don't fantasize about women on other yachts

27.  always have an email system that downloads attachments

28.  learn the VHF hailing signal of "are you taking the piss "

29.  ensure your crew are adequately unclothed.

See you at Spinnakers for lunch on the beach