Astra Blog: Rarotonga, Cook Islands 07.09.08 - 13.09.08

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Sun 28 Sep 2008 22:50

Astra Blog: Rarotonga, Cook Islands 07.09.08 – 13.09.08





Our time in Rarotonga started industriously: we were in the way of a supply ship so, after just a couple of hours sleep, we were up at 0700 to move from where we were anchored to Mediterranean style mooring against the wall. While George returned to his slumbers, Sally cooked a big breakfast to set the troops up for their jobs. With the engines refuelled, Jeremy set about investigating the GPS and autopilot situation while Ash did a rig check, replaced gaskets on leaky hatches, repaired the fibreglass on the outboard, and a gel coat repair next to the cockpit. Sally gave Astra a clean from top to bottom, saving the galley for George when he finally decided to get out of bed!


Lazy Sunday Afternoons


Sally and Jeremy then went out to celebrate a spotless yacht and re-functioning GPS’s by trying to find somewhere to watch the US Open. They returned a few hours later having hitched and taxied their way around the island. Unfortunately they found nowhere for Sally to get her tennis fix.


George and Ash also popped ashore to investigate the night life but came home as the promise of a roast dinner was a lot more exciting than Rarotonga’s nightlife on a Sunday.


Yacht Rescues


On Monday morning, Jeremy woke Ash at some unearthly hour to inform him that a yacht was arriving with no engine and would like assistance.  This had barely sunk in before Jeremy had deposited him on a yacht half a mile offshore in rough seas in order to sail them in through the pass!  It was no easy task due to the big swell, strong currents and the tiny harbour entrance (which already has the wreck of a large cargo ship to one side of it).  Nevertheless they made it through and as sails were lowered, a team of tenders from Astra, Zulu, Tupenny, Ino and Aphrodite helped manoeuvre the yacht and moor it stern-to against the wall.