Jeremy & Sally Paul
Wed 3 Jun 2009 20:58
The night before we set off from NZ we had dinner in the yacht club and met this couple. He was in quite a steam as the storm that was forecast did not really arrive, and he felt they should have gone earlier. They have a 44 ft Nordic and have been sailing for quite a few years. He got into conversation with Jeremy and I could see they were not hitting it off. On mishearing the size of boat we had, the fact there was only two of us, and me with little experience, he then made it quite clear he thought we were mad. I then realised he thought we had a 51 ft boat not 57. Oops. How many of you lot think we are nuts. Actually I put my hand up to that one too. With this in mind the next day I nearly had a little temper tantrum, hoping the captain would throw me off. No such luck. So in our usual style we set off from Opua in a blaze of glory, and as usual Jeremy yells one thing and I do another, but we made it out of the berth unscathed.  On the first day we had fantastic winds of 25 to 30 knots up our bottom and were storming along at 10 knots. 
Over the next couple of days the wind has shifted around and also dropped. So we have set the boat up for goose winging and have covered quite a lot of ground. We are not very quick at jibing yet, but at least we have managed to move the spinnaker pole and reset it up without getting muddled up.
Someone wrote to us and said hope we are not bickering yet. Us bicker!! How dare they!!! You must bear in mind that one little shove and there is no coming back, especially Jeremy. He did try and go over the man overboard technique with me, but for some reason I wasn't concentrating.
Jeremy has now found the blue pillow and assuming the position, I think he is quite happy. I tried to persuade him that it was his turn to do mother watch, but he said that his stomach felt a little queesy!!!  Managed to wolf down a full English breakfast though.
By the way you might wonder where we are heading. Because of all the delay and having to be in Darwin for the beginning of July we have had to miss Sydney, so are now going to Bundaberg, just above Brisbane. Only a mere 1340 miles.
Nothing of huge interest to report, so I will sign off now and wake the old boy up for his watch.