Astra log Day 15 - Things we have learnt... and picture = view of Astra from Rock Oyster slightly magnified!!

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Mon 10 Dec 2007 18:06

Monday 10.12.07


The growing list of Nicky’s admirers has been added to by the crew of Rock Oyster, burning up behind us. Here is their Ode to Nicola:


Ode To Nicola

Sailing one night without tricolour.......

We heard the soft voice of young Nicola......

She sent us a shot......

Which we never got.......

We'll wait till St. Lucia to tickle 'er.....


                                                (Rock Oyster)


Well done lads, keep ‘em coming.




Over lunch we contemplate all the things we have learnt that they don’t tell you in the ARC handbook:


Things We Have Learnt That They Don’t Tell You In The ARC Handbook:

  1. Don’t chase squalls
  2. Don’t try to avoid squalls
  3. Don’t sail in squalls with your spinnaker
  4. Don’t sail in squalls at night with your spinnaker
  5. Don’t sail with your spinnaker in squalls at night (haven’t we had that – Ed)
  6. Avoid Holes
  7. Avoid Oysters
  8. Don’t be photographed not wearing a lifejacket on deck if you promised your wife you would always wear a lifejacket on deck.
  9. Learn how to fish
  10. Buy the right fishing equipment before you leave.
  11. Don’t reel in too quickly – tire the fish out
  12. Don’t reel in too slowly – or you share the fish with the sharks
  13. Don’t forget to celebrate happy hour
  14. Don’t forget to celebrate the first quarter, third, half, three quarters, first week, first fortnight, first 1000 miles, last 1000 miles, last 500 miles, and your dog’s birthday.
  15. Ensure you have adequate stocks of champagne for above celebrations
  16. Never pull your punches on the VHF
  17. Don’t allow crew to speak on the VHF after celebrating any of the above.
  18. Ensure you have excessive stocks of beer for everyday use
  19. Don’t try to identify hairs that collect in the shower – can lead to feelings of inadequacy amongst the crew
  20. Eat oysters at every opportunity
  21. Do not take food that is too unusual such as foie gras, chateaubriand, Rock Oysters, Oysters Kilpatrick, or cheese that was on free trial in the supermarket.
  22. West of 50º, run your generator 24/7 to keep icemaker stocked up.



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