Bundaberg -9th June

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Fri 12 Jun 2009 18:49
We arrived in Bundaberg Tuesday 9th June, after 8 days at sea on the trip from New Zealand.
We were both a bit tired, after 8 days/nights of contiuous 3hours on/ 3 Hour off watches.
Still we were exhilarated, relieved and a little proud that we had made such a long passage with just the two of us.
We were assigned a berth in the marina by the very helpful marina staff, then we were not allowed to leave Astra till we had cleared customs/ immigration.
Three officers duly arrived from the Town (20km away) and were very efficient in dealing with all the paperwork required to clear us and Astra into Australia, as well as relieving us of a substantial quantity of our fresh/frozen provisions that were not allowed into Australia.
Then as midday approached the first item on our list of jobs was to find the marina bar/restaurant and celebrate our arrival in Australia with some Aussie beer!! Well now came the complications, we were asked if we wanted the beer in a pot or a schooner? anyway once we persuaded the barman that we had no idea what he was talking about, he showed us and we decided schooners were the way to go.
Suitably refreshed we returned to Astra, and realised that we were berthed next to Queequeg who we had last seen in the San Blas islands, Panama! Long chat with John and he is headed roughly the same way as us via Malaysia, Suez and the Med so we will probably see him along the way.
Over the next couple of days we worked on the usual list of things that needed fixing, explored Bundaberg, and Sally did the provisioning shop at Woolworths (great supermarket and apparently nothing to do with the UK Woolworths)