Astra Log Day 7 - Crew take a break while Alfie carries on...

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Sun 2 Dec 2007 17:16

Sunday 2.12.07


I thought as the least recognized member of the crew I should be able to have a go at the log.


Alfie here, (remember me from the other day when JF praised my abilities!)


After 2 days of almost non stop work, no pay, just a good supply of 24 volts and hydraulic fluid, I was able to catch up on some well deserved rest, because the team after much discussion this morning decided to change course to go around an area of very low wind (hope they know what they are doing as we are going to have to sail more miles!)


This meant we were sailing in F4-6 with waves from the side. I found this difficult as so I was allowed time off!  I had to cover again at lunchtime so that JF and AR could have some refreshments, (thankfully the wind dropped to F2-3) at that time so it was not too difficult.  After lunch JF and AH took over again, the wind came back up and we were making 7-9 kts and 5-6 VMG (not too bad).


Must close now as I feel a bit of a squall coming up.


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