Astra log Day 2 - Big swells

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Tue 27 Nov 2007 15:34

Tuesday 27.11.07 1800

The last 24 hours can best be described as queasy.  A swell of up to 2.5 metres was not always matched  by the wind,  a dangerous  relationship.  Both Jeremys were under the weather and JP’s fajitas did not stay down for very long at all. As he headed for the companionway he did a funny little wave which could have been interpreted as  “I may be some time” or maybe just a  welcome to the returning  food. 


We are all thinking of Sally, who was prevented by an operation  from being with us.  Sal, we all send our love.  JP was  explaining to us how Sally is probably by now sitting at home feeling bored and wishing she were here, when someone said: “yes, and meanwhile we’re all sitting here feeling bored and wishing we were there”.


Wednesday 28.11.07

Most things are going better today. First, the swell subsided to little over a metre overnight. That has increased, but this time matched by a healthy force 4-5 breeze. Though cloudy, it’s also much warmer than yesterday. We’ve been flying the cruising chute all morning, with a record 10.8 knots set by Ash. Everyone is feeling much better and it looks as though we are catching the boat in front, the only sail we can now see, which our radar says is six miles ahead.


A slight tangle in our fishing lines has been sorted out, and we are once more on the trail of the monsters of the deep. Lunch was brie, ham, anchovies and salad, and we are now celebrating, er, Wednesday, with Nicky’s rum and ginger cocktail which has been officially named “Not quite normal”.