Astra Log Day 4 - Alfie & the Bobsleigh - Author 4

Jeremy & Sally Paul
Thu 29 Nov 2007 14:19

Thursday 29.11.07

The night Alfie took us on a blindfolded bobsleigh run!


In the last few days we have discovered we have a new member of crew, Alfie (from Raymarine).  He appears to have become a very competent helmsman.  About 9.30 last night a squall shows up on the radar, when it hits we are goose winged, that’s ok!!  Isn’t it?  The skipper was in bed and he needs his beauty sleep, so PH and I decide to go for it… when the squall hit the wind went from 8 knots to 25, then 35knots,  there was no moon, it was totally dark, PH and I  were taken on an exhilarating  bobsleigh run in the dark,  Alfie was a hero, steered straight and true, dead down wind,  Brilliant!  (do we owe World Cruising an additional crew member fee?)


We had a couple a squalls bringing wind overnight but the rest of the time was very little wind, the rig banged and crashed making sleep difficult for all. Then this morning we had spinnaker up, down, gybe, goose wing genoa, gybe again, spinney up again all in 60 mins - the skipper wants to get his pound of flesh from his crew!


Wind has been disappointing the last 36 hours -  we have had difficulty doing 6 knots.


Today was my turn to be cooking bitch, photo on the way!!  Comments appreciated!


Jeremy F

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