Arrived Suva in Fiji (2nd Attempt)

tony zwig
Sat 29 Sep 2007 23:13




Arrived Suva at Fiji


Retry of post two days ago.  Read this before Sunday in Suva in the rain.


Well, we had some night.  We arrived at 7:30am this (Sat) morning.  After a glorious sail we started to get close to Suva around 11pm last night when all of a sudden, the visibility closed in.  The lights of the town disappeared as we were covered in a fog and rain with winds pushing us from behind at 25 knots.  At this point we were 10 miles from shore and couldn’t see the city anymore.  According to regulations, I had just checked in on the vhf radio with Suva harbor port control when they mentioned that the yacht just in front of us, Marita, had missed the opening and hit the reef.  Given all this, I thought the better part of valour was to turn away from the shore and await first  morning light.  We then turned south away from Suva and motored from 11pm until 3:30am into the 25 knot wind and  5 meter waves and had a very rough wild ride. We calculated the time to get to the harbor at first light.  At that time, we then returned on our track and sped into Suva; of course a fog descended just as we entered between the reefs.  As we entered, we saw poor Marita, stuck on her side on the reef; a sad and chilling sight.  We anchored and asked to be cleared into customs.  We were told we need to wait until Monday morning to clear which means we cannot get off the boat until then.  And here we sit.

The crew did famously throughout the night.  Thom and Dick are now watching Flight Plan video.  Suva looks nice from out here at anchor.