crossed the equator!

tony zwig
Sat 26 May 2007 15:58




At 2AM local time for us, we crossed the equator amidst general celebration and self congratulation (I figure if you head south, you will eventually get there).  We all made our gifts to Neptune (Poseidon for those reading Greek) but looked in vain for a white line in the sea, saying “you are here”. As part of the celebratory mood, we watched “Blood Diamond” which was very good. 

Took some more sun and star sites yesterday and last night and hope to work them out later today. We are still moving along nicely so we are not using diesel.  Last night’s dinner was tuna and pasta created by Sam.  We still have close to 1000 miles to go, but can feel Tahiti is getting closer.

When we ran the engine a few days ago, it was making some strange noises in the transmission; hope it is nothing serious.