tied up in Auckland and a rest for babelfish

tony zwig
Wed 31 Oct 2007 21:38







Tied up in “Auckland and a rest for babelfish


We tied up this morning; actually twice because the first marina had no facilities, but we are now in Westhaven, a huge marina;  20 minute walk from downtown with all sorts of amenities.  Given NZ rules, no using the head in dock so we needed a place with provision of such and so we are bere and babelfish looks great after its 8000 miles.  The crew doesn’t look too bad either.  Robert flew off to the  south island just now and Tony and Bruce fly home Nov 4.  Thom has appointments tomorrow with experts on generator, thrust bearing, and chart plotter.

Its been a hell of a trip, and too soon for reflections, but those are to come.  Have to go meet the others for shore side meal, so, later.  Thankyou all for following us; it provided support and a community along the way knowing someone was interested in babelfish, especially on some dark nights.



2nd try