tonga almost in sight

tony zwig
Tue 3 Jul 2007 23:55




We are getting closer to Tonga (230 miles) which is not the same as Raratonga, which is  600 miles back to the east and we missed because of gayle force winds coming at us.  It is pretty rolly and a little difficult to keep typing.  Cloudy and overcast.  Unfortunately the generator, which we have used 6 hours in 24, only can draw from the starboard tank which is getting low on diesel, even though our 2 port tanks hold almost 700 litres and are almost full (because we have not used the engine much at all).  Still no fish caught other than the flying fish that jump onto the deck and to their demise. Can’t eat them.  Still thinking about the international dateline; it means Tonga is first in the world to have sabath, which is why I understand it asked for the line to be jogged around them.