tony zwig
Wed 25 Apr 2007 00:57





Last night we listened to Thom’s new favourite girl (singer that is) Katie Melua during Halibut with sesame prepared by Robert.  Very good on both counts.


The moon is now a half moon but is lying south on the job, so that the flat half is horizontal with the semi circle below. 

More unfamiliar sky sites:  The big dipper is standing on it’s head very low near the horizon with handle pointing straight up. North star still seems to be in the North.  We are responding now more quickly to squalls by reefing, 3rd time today at 32 knots of true wind.


Need to conserve electricity and navigators chair is very wobbly, both meaning hard to spend much time at computer.  Most of the time blue sky and beautiful.  We are tacking down wind (zig zagging) to avoid accidental gibing and to keep the boat speed up.  This adds ti our time but expect to be in Hawaii by the weekend. Thom has discovered a new trick with the autohelm which allows the boat to adjust automatically to wind shifts which also helps.


Nights are magical in general clean, star lit, although having trouble finding the familiar stars.  Last night I had Cat Stevens supplementing the water sounds. Watermaker is like a divining rod; push a button or two and we have fresh water.  Sort of a religious experience, or it is too easy and we’re being set up for a lesson about arrogance and presumption re the environment.  I’m not going to re read this paragraph but if turgid come up apologies but I am trying to distract myself from the 30 knot squall blowing just now.  Generator still doesn’t work not withstanding more phone calls from manufacturer in Holland and Florida, still using a paper clip to connect engine and house batteries.  






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