gybed south to keep the wind

tony zwig
Wed 18 Apr 2007 00:56




Hello, we gybed south(actually tacked in a circle because its quite windy)after seeing the weather maps showing that in 60 hrs our latitude was going to lose its wind.  We are heading south about 100 miles to keep the strong winds.  This is because of the high pressure cell to the north.  We ended up high on the course.  We'll turn back towards Hawaii sometime tomorrow.   Tonight Thom is being permitted to cook again.  He has a high standard to follow.  We saw a freighter 5 miles away; it came up very fast.  So far, we haven't seen anyone else.  Trying to figure out whether to approach Hawaii from the south (lee) ornorth (windward)  Robert is making sure we are all eating healthy food and not getting scurvy.  Robert's favorite new toy is his portable

DVD which he takes everywhere he goes; on watch and to his cabin.  He thought for a few minutes last night he had let it get washed overboard but we helped him find it (or was that return it) After 4 days on starboard tack, we are now adjusting to being on port.  Have to relearn how to move through the galley without knocking anything.  Have to watch chafe on lines that are being continually used at one point on a block. We may have to replace a jib sheet because we didn't move it a bit every day.  The boat looks great; striped cushion covers, dotted sheets, counter colors, and etc.  Thank you again to our "design team".  Still very windy and very fast sailing.  The boat handles the waves and wind wonderfully.



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