early start at 6am Sun and glorious sail

tony zwig
Sun 23 Sep 2007 18:00




Early start at 6am Sun and glorious sail


It is now Monday 6am

We started Sun morning at 6am and had a glorious sail out of Va’vau group to Ha’apai  group and anchored off Ha’ano Is at 3pm.  Some confusion , as the guidebooks described a landmark as a mushroom rock; Dick thought it looked like a pirate ship, Tony a fruit basket, and Ken and Thom a pineapple.  Anyway we are here.

And given it was Sun at 3pm, the crew decided to do as God does on Sun, and rested, or really, napped.

As this was the first out of sight of land run in 3 months, Tony was gratified that Ha’ano Island appeared right where it should be. 

We had a little 2 step with immigration before we left, but more on that later.

This area is beautiful; is the South Pacific idyll with islands uninhabited or non electrified villages.  It is difficult to  navigate as we are using 1830 chart, the most recent.  We will have to check the electric chart but it has shown its inaccuracy as it showed us in the town ashore when we were happily float.

Snorkeling revealed interesting and colorful fish.  Tony thought he was in the film, Finding Nemo; all the fish moved just as in the film, (slow and then darted) and all the faces looked like ellen Degeneres.

Wind is kicking up.  We have to decide whether to stay here tonight or explore and find another spot.  Then have to think about how and when to go to Fiji.

Thom cooked a very good tuna last night which he wrangled from a restaurant as none were available in store.


Hello to Leslie in TO.