tony zwig
Sat 2 Jun 2007 05:38



At 1300 Friday local time Babelfish tied up at the main town dock in Papette, Tahiti.  The last 12 hours were a bit of a last test from the gods; winds at 25-30 knots swinging wildly across 30 degrees of direction.  We avoided the deadly archipeligo and navigated around Brando’s island and finished with a screeching 13 knot sleigh ride up to the harbor entrance.

After clearing immigration and customs, which wasn’t easy as filling out many forms while being land sick wobbly was a trial, the crew ran across the street for tgheir craving; ice cream and French fries and waffle for me.

We are now around the corner in Marina Taina where Babelfish will rest  for now;  for about 3 and half weeks.  Too get to the marina, we had to get clearance from harbor and air traffic control as we passed by both ends of the airport runway.  And when you are given clearance, it is in the form of ”Vous pouvez aller.  Vous avez deux minutes”. And right at 2 minutes, there was a plane chasing us away as it landed.  Tahiti is a beautiful, mountainous lush island that we are anxious to see tomorrow.  Speaking French has been fun so far and no mishaps.

Babelfish at rest