second day was better

tony zwig
Tue 23 Oct 2007 20:50




Second day was better


Bruce is fine; Thom is still under the weather and Robert seems to be feeling better.  Yesterday was smoother and bright but cloudy until Bruce went off watch and I came on and it started to rain at 4am today.  It is still raining, which is not nice.  The wind had eased for a couple of hours but is now back up to 24 knots.

Reports are we are headed for a squash zone of high and low pressure when we get to NZ which means even higher winds from SE, not good.  Just trying to get there as fast as possible.

We learned more about NZ times.  We had heard they change  times around now, but  couldnt confirm and figured it didn’t matter because they would be changing backwards and we wouldn’t miss any planes.  Yesterday, we heard, given it is their spring, the clocks go ahead.  So we are warned.

Reading another Theroux, train travel in Asia; he mentions a lot of sinks join the Lions Clubs because all their names are Singh, which means lion.

Last night tried to think of sounds wind makes; didn’t get very far but here is a start; moan, shriek, tear, sing, whistle, roar.  Fun during a night watch.

Getting bumpy so that’s all for now..