waiting for better weather

tony zwig
Fri 19 Oct 2007 19:18




Waiting for better weather

Saturday 6am fiji time (inToronto fri2pm)

The new hot water heater is in and working.  Still no generator; have to wait until we get to NZ.

We are now waiting for decent weather.  The 2 days here have been a mission of intelligence gathering; learning what everyone thinks is a good departure time.  We have to be careful not to fall into the trap of following the herd mentality of starting out just because all the other boats are doing so.  That being said, the scuttlebutt and our own weather maps confirm the wind is on the NOSE at true wind speeds of 25-30 knots; so we would feel an apparent of even greater.  We have heard that an Island Packet 45, Southern Star, which I last saw in Bora Bora, left a week ago and has only done 500 miles and is moving at 2 knots as it pounds into the waves.  So we are waiting; notwithstanding Thom’s English desire to “experience some real weather”.  Thom would also like us to set off sooner, so we arrive in time for him to watch England in  the big world rugby match.

So, with just about everything done except last minute shopping for fruits and vegetables, we are sitting her today and likely tomorrow.

In the meantime, I finished a good light book which I got in the Fiji airport on my way home last month; ”See Naples and Die” by an Australian journalist, Penny Green, author also of  “When in Rome”.  She recounts her year as a 30 something journalist, working for an internet wire service and her experience of learning and loving Naples, notwithstanding the frequent murders and motor scooter  purse snatchings, taking place around her in the central city and a general civic malfunctioning, with the most visible being the piles of uncollected garbage.  Early on, we learn she has to find meaning  to stay among the chaos, and she finds it in work and love and the book traces her path.  “Men are like phone booths; ones that aren’t occupied, don’t work.” Penny’s landlady to her.  I didn’t find this line overly funny, but it gives you the tone.  I assume some may find the line hilarious.

So, the weather considerations are very serious; perhaps the most of the whole trip and we need to watch, and for now wait.

More soon