land fever raging

tony zwig
Sat 28 Apr 2007 03:12




We are getting closer to Hawaii; now 154 miles.  Hopefully before end of weekend, we’ll be drinking in Honolulu.  Starting to chase all sorts of people we will need to talk to: US Customs, sailmaker, generator man, marina, and etc.

We are now feeling the heat; not just the land fever; this morning was light winds and the sun was searing; we had to take turns spending time below to escape.  Except Richard who was trying to catch rays on the beach.  So much so that the boat was sailing on its own with assymetrical spinnaker for miles and miles, until…Yes it wrapped.

Amazing, we still have fresh veggys to make salads.  Last night we had Thai chicken curry stir fry.  Very good.  Some of the crew is looking forward to red meat and beer ashore.

Babelfish in Heat