extra report today; halfway to fiji

tony zwig
Thu 27 Sep 2007 04:57




Extra report today; halfway to fiji


We are charging along at 10 knots with 2 reefs and 20 knots wind broad reach.  We just caught a wahoo fish and Thom expertly filleted it in the rain despite the rest of us  asking if he really wanted to do this.  Silly question. A bit of Candiana in the Moon travel guide to Fiji;

Pacific Harbor is a sprawling South Florida style condo and instant culture village developed by Canadian David Gilmour and his father Peter Munk?  If it weren’t for the backdrop of deep green hills you would think you were in some Fort Lauderdale suburb.”

  We are entering the area of uncharted reefs surrounding Fiji for the next 100 miles.  We have charted a route recommended by the guru, Jimmy Cornell; thank you Jimmy, and so all should be fine. The charts continue to say reefs and islands might in fact not be where they are shown.  Just to keep us on our toes. Strange in the day of google earth.

Colleen, Dick has acquired this bad habit of washing dishes but he wants to assure all he will be over it by landfall.

It seems apparent Fiji is more visited by tourists than Tonga and so will likely be less different, but should still be attractive and interesting.  I think I didn’t appreciate the specialness and uniqueness of Tonga when we were there and am rethinking my initial luke warm response. But  as author of this continuing saga, I have the prerogative.

That’s all for now.