Thursday bios

tony zwig
Fri 27 Apr 2007 01:55




Graham from Scotland asked who is on the crew.  Here goes:

Robert:  I have been sailing with Tony for several years now and look forward to returning home to start a new   career as an astronaut.   Last I checked it was as a denturist.  I teach sailing at Humber College in Toronto and look forward to spending time at IYC with Tony, Thea, Barry and Joi.  I have sailed all the great lakes and across the Atlantic and in Norway.  This was the experience I had hoped it would be.


Richard: I used to work at this as a job but have been land locked for several years in Kelowna BC and for the first 72 hours lost my cookies.  I always enjoyed ocean crossings, (before marriage) creative cooking, laidback reading, catching rays on the aft beach (deck).  Also, my wife said I could go.  However I miss her and our dog.  I was born in UK.


Thom: I am a recent Naval architect graduate from Isle of Wight and have sailed and raced for many years around home.  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to join Babelfish to experience ocean sailing.  It is perfect timing for me before I get stuck in a career ashore.  I have signed on for the trip, to help look after Babelfish, and travel all the way to New Zealand.



Tony: we do this; sail across the ocean, partly because it is there; to explore and cross.  Reached a new milestone; now 299 miles to Hawaii.  First glimmerings of land fever; questions about when we will see land are surfacing. Lighter winds means we have sailed all day with full sails; first time in a long while.

Robert hid an air vent as a joke; that Richard and Thom had been working on to repair.  Robert had them thinking it had rolled over board.  Robert and Thom have now watched 24 episodes of the tv series “24” starring Keifer Sutherland on Robert’s portable dvd player.

We have now moved the clock back one more hour, so we are on Hawaii time; 6 hours behind eastern daylight time.