can't resist theurge to sail; babelfish heads out to sea again

tony zwig
Tue 30 Oct 2007 03:54




Tuesday 5pm


Can’t resist the urge to sail; babelfish heads out to sea again


We spent a restful lay day yesterday.  We wobbled (no land legs) around the neighboring town of Pahia and today visited the site of the Treaty negotiation and signing between England and the Maori.  It is unique in aboriginal negotiation in not following a war. We had a fascinating tour.  We had a great dinner in the local sea food bar next to the Opua marina.  Today we saw about 50 boats had come into the customs wharf next to our dock.  We had started after or with most of them,  and arrived a day ahead of just about all of them.  Good sailing strategy (and lots of fuel helped).

We are now enroute to Auckland; a lazy broad reach with flat water and 10 knots and sun as the green rolling hills of the coast slips by.    Today it truly is a day at the beach; the cockpit is filled with Thom’s eclectic music tastes; Tony Bennet, Nancy Sinatra, Diane Warwick, Dusty Springfield, and some from my day. Expect to arrive tomorrow morning about 9am (another 90 miles)

Headed for Hobson West Marina; site of America Cup basin; a new swanky marina that holds 22 superyachts, including babelfish.

We are all safe and sound (hopefully of mind too)

Wishing the same for all of you.