a hitachhiker

tony zwig
Wed 30 May 2007 10:40




Good evening,

AT dinner time, one of the several big black birds that often circle our boat, started examining the mast top very intently and finally settled down on it.  This may sound cute, other than the poop he may thank us with; but we have lots of equipment up there; our windvane, wind speed and direction sensor, tri light, and a couple of communication antennas.  The bird felt these were just so much bother and seemed to flap his wings at these various obstructions to what he saw as his rightful perch.  I was worried he would knock something down,  off its …Yelling at him did nothing. 

He stayed  for an hour and then, rested enough, took off on his own steam for somewhere.

The winds have lost their beauty and now are making us work very hard; changing from 10 to 25 knots where upon we double reef, only to have it drop back down again. Then the cycle repeats itself.   Also, the direction has been swinging over 50 degrees, making it hard to set sails and autohelm.

Sam’s curry tuna hit the spot tonight.  The crew laughed at the portions in the curry pouches and couldn’t believe the label saying it would serve 5 dinners.

Now that we are getting closer, I’ve pulled out the paper charts to refine the waypoints around the Tuomotos , (the dangerous archipeligo), around Brando’s island, and into Papeete

WE are less than 300 miles from Tuomotos and 480 from Tahiti.

As I look around at all the wires and attached battery chargers, I wonder what would be if babelfish did not have 110 volt receptacles.  Apparently, essential sailing gear includes music makers, dvds, cameras, computers and 2 guitars(which don’t need to be charged)                                                                                                          .


Ps Good luck to IYC on your Commodore’s Ball and Sailpast.  Sorry I’m missing it.