arrival by plane in fiji

tony zwig
Thu 18 Oct 2007 18:57




Arrival by plane in fiji

Bruce and Tony arrived at 5am Thursday and did lots of work with Thom on the boat.

It is now 6am Friday morning.


I guess this leg really started during my phone call with Alan Baines when I was still in Toronto last Tuesday. Alan, reminded me that this is likely to be the windiest leg and we should send Thom up the mast to check all connections as well as at deck level.  Then, as I was exiting the cab at TO airport, Thom phoned me from Babelfish to say he talked to someone who has done the trip 20 times and he was leaving that day. So, I stated thinking about the trip and specifically, the departure time.  Part of the problem is there is so much info, it is data overload.  The trick is to avoid the squash zones between high and low cells that accelerate the winds significantly.  Also, it would be nice to miss the series of storms that seem to cross New Zealand every week. We just got a forecast that says the wind will be southerly the whole trip (ouch;on the nose) so have to investigate whether delaying makes it any better.  I am approaching this leg with a bit of trepidation as the stories include tales of sinkings and 60 knot winds, but I have met elderly couples (meaning older than me) who have done this frequently and seem not to fussed.  Yet, have to watch the classic British, Kiwi, Aussi understatement when listening to descriptions of winds.  One gentleman calmly talked about 60 knots as a walk in the park. Some park!!

Hot and humid here.