dolphins at the beach

tony zwig
Fri 26 Oct 2007 18:00




Dolphins at the beach


Saturday 4am


We are all in better spirits now.  Yesterday’s calm winds gave us all a chance to stretch, walk the deck, sit out and read or sleep without concern for getting doused by waves; sort of like going to the beach.  Thom and Robert certainly seem to be improving as they attacked the galley with gusto last night, producing (and eating healthy portions) of a special chicken dinner with potatoes and peas.  It was like old times; which times, I’m, not sure, but it was enjoyed by all.

I am more encouraged by the weather situation, and am out of what I think was a funk regarding the conflicting and ominous reports.  Yesterday we got some consistency in our weather maps and they have been reflecting reality the past 2 days, so that feels pretty good. Also, they seem to call for good weather. Yesterday afternoon I also was at the beach, reading on the foredeck, where the bow wave drowns out the engine sound, and heard a couple of unusual splashes.  I looked up to see a dolphin zig zagging  left and right just under the bow.  When I got up and whooped “dolphin”, the creature took off to starboard for about 300 feet and then lept in the air. Then we saw the most wondrous sight; as 12 dolphins lept up in unison.  They kept jumping and arching in concert every 10 seconds; alternately disappearing leaving only some wave disturbance suggesting a reef, only to jump again and curl back to the water in perfect circles.  I was jumping on the deck and yelling dolphins to tell the others; only when I yelled  “mermaids”, did  the crew rise out of their sleep or away from their video down below.   They (dolphins) really are beautiful and it is a special treat to have the opportunity to witness their grace and beauty.  Their presence opened us up, lightened the mood, and left us all smiling and laughing.  Their power to make us feel good and laugh is quite amazing.  This sounds trite and cliché, but is true and remarkable.

We are now 349 miles from our waypoint just outside Opua, the town where we are going to check into NZ.   Thenafter a day or two there, we plan to sail about 150 miles to Auckland.


HI to Lesley, Marla, Ryan, Jaime.