another hard night

tony zwig
Fri 29 Jun 2007 17:58




Still more of the same.  Hard bashing upwind with 3rd reef and small jib.  Have been talking to 2 other boats nearby on short wave ssb and they are experiencing the same.  One of them had 38 knots of wind.  Most I think we saw was 32 but mostly 23 and last night actually died down to a pleasant 17.  It is now 6am and with the dawn the wind has gone back up to 23.  I think I have to stop reading my Jack London south sea tales of shipwrecks and southern storms while I am out here.  He has a very dark aura in his stories.  Now trying to decide whether to go to Raratonga or Niue because of wind direction.  Still no fish.  For the last 2 nights have had chicken in cocoanut milk, courtesy of Graham.  It was very good.  All are well and in good spirits.  Sorry, noit too expansive today.