finally under way

tony zwig
Sat 14 Apr 2007 01:26
"33:18.90N 118:52.12W

Well, it wasn't the start we envisioned but after nearly a week, we are off and running.
We have 20 knots and on the wind and passed our first waypoint at 25 miles and on our way to the next point at 200 miles. A good omen,immediately after we started we were escorted by a large school of dolphins who accompanied us for a half hour. We are now charging along at plus 8 knots and soon getting ready for our first dinner afloat. Thom is the cook tonight; stay tuned for tonights food report. The crew at the Boatyard was great; Victor, Charlie, Helge et al. I never saw anyone drive a
crane around so fast and remove and replace a big motor as this group. Thank you also again to Peter and Roc for advise and support. The boat is very quiet; I thought the wind had died while in aft cabin but it was blowing over 18 and we were doing 8 knots. We are putting the boat to its first test; today we discovered the galley sink overflows when heeled on a starboard tack; which we will be for another 2000 miles. We are working on a solution but for now have had to to close the galley sea
cocks. We plan to update this every 24 hours at 2400 UTC (Greenwich standard time for landlubbers) TTFN