rock and rolly trip

tony zwig
Mon 2 Jul 2007 17:52




It is very rolly here because of more southerly wind flow as we are getting waves fromSE, our wind direction, and a swell from this other southerly influence.  So it is rolly, making typing tonight difficult.  We have been moving along at a good clip, hitting 8-10 knots.   We found that with a 3rd reef the ride is much smoother and we still do over 8 knots. We had only 2 reefs a lot of today. We are working to stay on course but is difficult to do so and not sail so far down wind that we risk a gybe.  I finished Jack London’s South Sea Tales, which are very good.  Now reading something much lighter, that I was given by Susan and Paul, Do Kiwis Fly?; a woman’s motor cycle  trip to New Zealand in search of the traditional male.

We are having to concentrate to make sure we don’t lose track of the many reefs that dot this area.  You can appreciate that especially at night, but even during the day, they are not visible, so we must set our courses to avoid them.  Also, their full and accurate extent is not shown on the charts, or as I noted yesterday, not even their exact position.  Tonight I caught a mistaken waypoint I had put into the gps around one of these reefs.  We did not talk to anyone today on SSB.  Yesterday we had trouble hearing our friends, so did not bother listening today.  We have not caught any fish yet this leg.  Thom has gotten much better with his guitar playing;  He should be quite amazing after the long stop in Tonga when he will have a good chance to practice.  Ruth and Graham haven’t pulled out their guitars lately.  Maybe they are practising in secret.

Jordan is his constant good cheer.  This is his first time sailing.  For dinner we had fish bought in Tahiti.

Good night.