crew bio for bruce bussin

tony zwig
Sat 20 Oct 2007 19:33











            Toronto is my home base.  Ashley is my 22-year old, astonishingly competent, mature, independent daughter who is my passion.  I am a lawyer with a family firm located downtown Toronto where I handle a general practice focussed mainly on transactional law, both real estate and general commercial/corporate work plus a growing estate practice.  However, I do not let my law practice and other such minor matters get in the way of my most important life’s work, which is why I am so enthusiastic about joining Tony and crew aboard Babelfish on this trip.


While crossing this part of the Pacific, I will be regularly monitoring the fishing line trolled behind Babelfish in the hope that we land a rare Salsa-dancing, Tequila-pouring mermaid which, subject to further study, will help complete an unfinished chapter in Darwin’s thesis.


        Upon arrival in New Zealand, I will be setting off into the tropical volcanic valleys in search of a very shy native tribe called Miata (distant cousins of the Maori).  The women of this tribe are known to be tall with very long legs.  And similar to certain native African tribes, they wear a number of rings, in this case around their tongue, which they remove while mating.  Fortunately for me, the males of this tribe tend to be docile.


With any kind of luck,  this trip will allow me to make discoveries that will be of considerable benefit to all mankind for generations to come.