good morning thurs at 5am

tony zwig
Wed 24 Oct 2007 18:53




Good morning thurs at 5am


This will be short as I have to go do watch soon.

First, apologies about spelling yesterday, I was referring to Sikhs.  Theroux refers to their pilgrimage to Amritsar Golden Temple which is centred in a tank whose sanctity and smelly stagnant is equally strong and where pilgrims gulp green water swallowing grace and dysentery in same mouthful.

We are still having heavy weather, 27 knots from se, so on the nose with huge swells.  It seems we are in the bottom of a saucer of ocean with the water curving up on all sides.  Bruce is fine and made his world famous French toast for breakfast.  Thom and Rob are still feeling slightly effects of motion or something else they maintain.

We have covered about 500 miles and have about 600 to go.

We have been near a boat, about 12 miles away, the whole trip whose name, he says is from the Lion King, something like Mefiso.  Could someone clarify for me, because it is embarrassing to keep asking him and I call him on the radio 2x daily.  He is a c and c 51.

Alas, we have a hot water heater, but now no radar.  Gps is through handheld.

Actually, so far the ride has been smooth.  When the motor was on for charging, I at times felt like I was on a train being pulled forward without the sideways clacketty clack; except for the twice hourly bump of a big wave.

Weather today to be rainy, then nice and calm for 2 days, and then big unknown for final day or so.