pacific is again terrific

tony zwig
Sat 30 Jun 2007 20:04




Conditions are much more comfortable now.  The wind has settled down to 18-20, sometimes lower, and has a bit of east in it.  It is  now coming from 166 degrees instead of 180 degrees (south).  It is also more comfortable because the easterly portion of the wind contributes some trade wind flow which is warm, as opposed to the south wind which is quite cool, bringing Antarctic air.  It is pretty strange to think of a south wind being cool.

The other night, according to Thom, we had 39 knots of wind while he and I were on deck tacking the boat.  I didn’t see it, but remember it was pretty wild.  We heard from the other boats; one broke their jib reefing line which meant it unwound to full size and had to be dropped.  This was on a big cat that consequently was motoring sailing into the wind at 4 knots.

After tacking for 2 days and not coming much nearer to Raratonga, we decided to skip it and now are heading for Nieu, which happens to be directly in line with our heading.  About 600 miles away.  We Passed Aiutaki by about 5 miles but frustratingly, its harbor only has 6 feet of depth at high water and a rolly anchorage in south winds that is very far out from the town.

While writing this I have been talking to some of the other boats nearby (which could be 200 miles distant) and one advised staying out of some of the islands because of political unrest.  I couldn’t get clearly which islands, so we’ll have to ask again at our next radio check.  It sounds like we may meet up with another cat from Australia in Tonga, who is trying to get home over the next few weeks.

Read some more Jack London, just not the shipwreck and storm stories.  They are all very good.  Our frozen food thawed in part of the freezer; so cooked all the chicken and had to toss fish.  We don’t know why or how that would happen in part of the freezer.  Food in other part was still hard. Have not been into celestial exercises this trip.  The sea has calmed down, but still large swells from the front 2 nights ago.  The ride is again what I remember and cherish; the soft whoosh of the water ,especially while I am in my bunk and of course, the cooing sound of the wind.  Actually, I’m not sure wind coos.

Till next time,


Ps hope to be in Nieu Mon or Tue