on the deep blue

tony zwig
Wed 27 Jun 2007 18:42




It is now Wed 7am.  We left Bora Bora yesterday at 10am.  We sailed through some strong squalls during the day and last night.  The wind has settled in at 18 knots true wind speed from, about east.  This means were are tacking downwind again.  We have our normal 2nd reef and full genoa. The davits, although being great when not in use as they disappear into the deck, are a disappointment as they carry the dinghy too low and I was worried in a big sea, the dinghy might get pooped (swamped)

All is well out here.  The only injury was sustained by me Monday on land when the bike I rented, dropped its chain off the wheel and while I was distracted staring at it, headed down into a ditch and flew over the handlebars in a somersault.  Only a few scrapes.  Luckily I decided to wear long pants and shoes instead of sandals that day.

Finished the Waikiki Widow; written in early1950s and gives a feel for that time in Hawaii and just newly communist China.

We have to skirt some small islands that only show up as dots on the large chart.  We could not find an appropriate scale paper chart for area from Bora to Cooks. We are able to get help from zoom in capability on our new electronic chart.  Don’t like to rely on them but between the 2, I think we are ok.   I don’t know why the last sentence was underlined; the keyboard has been acting up; feels sticky, like something spilled in it. 

It is always interesting to read guide or charts and see a notation that the position of the land may be off a mile or two.

We met Rapa, manager of the yacht club in Bora, who impressed me that he spoke 9 languages.  When I wondered how he could that from Bora Bora, he clarified that he had worked in South America, Europe, and US. 

It is now sunny and I am hungry for breakfast.

The journey is the reward. I saw that written somewhere.