babelfish returns to sea

tony zwig
Sun 24 Jun 2007 03:52




We are  at sea again.  Everyone arrived by evening of June21 (Tony Last).  Yesterday, June 22 we motored to Morea and spent a nice evening an anchor in the bay visited by Captain Cook, even though it is not named Cook’s Bay, which is the next one over.  We were in Baie  de Opunohu and snorkeled about at the reef at the entrance.  It is now 15:30 Saturday and we just left for the overnight sail to Bora Bora, aboaut 130 miles away.  We are now Thom, Tony Graham and Ruth, and Jordan for his first ever sail.

I had a fantastic flight down and even got to help the pilot land the plane, but more on that later.

This is a different type of leg of the trip, with several stops but have to remember that the journey is the trip.  Morea is as beautiful as the stories and films.  Towering peaks, beautiful warm soft water, big bright half moon and lots of stars. (Aside from the crew)

Only complaint, is the last crew drank all my scotch and beer without restocking, and not knowing it, I had us  leave without replenishing.  Was disappointed last night when we put the anchor down and found the cupboard bare.  Assume that will be the worst of it and hence, all will be very good.