Position at 1200 UTC Wednesday 7th June

Thu 8 Jun 2006 09:54
37.12.47N   38.42.08W
We are now heading pretty much directly to Horta.  The wind is still on the nose, so we are tacking a bit.  We had a much better day yesterday and now have less than 500 miles to go.  From tonight the winds are forecast to become north westerly and maybe even westerly which will really allow us to count off the miles, especially as they are expected to pick up closer to the Azores.
All well on board. Yesterday's highlight was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory while eating the last of our secret stash of Cadbury's nutty chocolate.   We've also seen what we think were Minke and Pilot Whales, plus a few dolphins.  Still no fish. 
(Apologies for the late arrival of this update. It was due to running out of minutes on the Sat Phone. I rang to buy some more only to be told that 'the girls are all out of the office on a charity run. You'll have to do it tomorrow'. Ho hum)